The one principle we have all listened to at least once in our life is
Honesty Is The Best Policy“.

It’s 100 per cent true. Some may be a cheater and might be successful now, But Crashes hard to ground sometimes. An honest person may face difficulties now, but he always reaps the fruits of his honesty manyfold.

This is A Short Story On Honesty that depicts that honesty always wins in the end.

Without any further delay Let’s Start…

A Short Story On Honesty:

Once upon a time in a place called cedi, there were two salesmen of pots and pans and handmade trinkets.

They agreed to divide the town between them.

They also said that after one had gone through his area it was all right for the other to try and sell where the first had already tried his luck.

One day while one of them was coming down a street.

Short Story On Honesty
GrandMother And GrandDaughter

A poor little girl saw him and asked her grandmother to buy her a bracelet.

The old grandmother replied how can we poor people buy bracelets.

The little girl said, “Since we don’t have any money we can give our black old plate.”

The old woman agreed to give it a try so she invited the dealer inside.

The salesman saw that these people were very poor and innocent, So he didn’t want to waste his time with them.

Even though the old woman pleaded with him he said he had no bracelet that she could afford to buy.

Then she asked, “We have an old plate that is useless to us, Can we trade it for a bracelet?”.

The man took it and while examining it happened to scratch the bottom of it to his surprise he saw that underneath the black suit there was a golden plate.

But he didn’t let on that he had noticed it.

Instead, he decided to deceive these poor people, So he could get the plate for next to nothing.

He said this is not worth even one bracelet.

There is no value in this I don’t want it.

He left thinking he would return later when they would accept even less for the plate.

The other salesman after finishing in his part of town followed after the first, As they had agreed.

He ended up at the same house again the poor little girl backed her grandmother to trade the old plate for a bracelet.

The woman saw that this was a nice tender looking merchant and thought, “He is a good man, Not like the rough talking first salesman”.

So she invited him in and offered to trade the same black old plate for one bracelet.

When he examined it he too saw that it was pure gold under the grime and he said to the old woman, “All my goods and all my money together are not worth as much as this rich golden plate”.

Of course, the woman was shocked at this discovery, But now she knew that he was indeed a good and honest fellow.

So she said she would be glad to accept whatever he could trade for it.

The salesman said, ” I’ll give you all my pots and pans and trinkets, Plus all my money if you will let me keep just eight coins and my balancing scale with its cover to put the golden plate in”.

They made the trade.

He went down to the river, Where he paid the eight coins to the ferryman to take him across.

By then the greedy salesman had returned already adding up huge imaginary profits in his head.

When he met the little girl and her grandmother again.

He said he had changed his mind and was willing to offer a few cents but not one of his bracelets for the useless black old plate.

The old woman then calmly told him of the trade she had just made with the honest salesman and said, ” Sir you lied to us”.

The greedy salesman was not ashamed of his lies but he was saddened as he thought, ” I’ve lost the golden plate that must be worth a hundred thousand”.

So he asked the woman which way did he go.

She told him the direction. He left all his things right there at the door and ran down to the river thinking he robbed me! He robbed me! He won’t make a fool out of me

From the riverside, he saw the honest salesman still crossing over on the ferry boat.

He shouted to the ferryman to come back.

But the Honest merchant told him to keep on going to the other side and that’s what he did.

Seeing that he could do nothing, The greedy salesman exploded with rage.

He jumped up and down beating his chest.

He became so filled with hatred towards the honest man who had won the golden plate that he made himself cough up blood.

He had a heart attack and died on the spot.

Moral of Short Story On Honesty:

In life, Honesty still is the best policy.

You might think life is unfair, There are people who are cheaters and liars and they’re successful and rich and mighty.

Yes, they may be rich and successful but all their success and richness is built on a shallow castle made out of lies and cheating and it is too late for them to look back and return to the good.

They have to keep on going and lying and cheating until it digs their own grave for them.

I hope you loved this Short Story On Honesty.

Honesty is the best policy, stay humble stay honest.

How did this short story make you feel?

Tell me in the comments below.



  1. It was worth a read tbh. The two different sides are really telling of the types of reactions we could have which are obviously good and bad. If people are more quick to be kind and tell the truth they are better off. Good story

  2. Atipaishe Muvingi Reply

    it was a very moral lesson ,l personally learnt a lot thank you

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