We constantly see the term richness associated with materialistic possessions.

We define richness by the money and the properties one possess.

If he has a villa, sports car, a six-figure income then he is considered rich otherwise he is not.

This is the kind of perception we have about Richness.

Today, we will see The Richest Boy In The World Story.

And I promise you that by the end of the story your perception of richness and life will change for sure :-).

Okay, With that being Said Let’s get into the Story!

The Richest Boy In The World Story:

The Richest Boy In The World

Once upon a time there was a boy whose family was very wealthy and rich.

One day his father took him on a trip to the countryside, Where he intended to show his son how poor people live.

So they arrived at a farm of a very poor family as he considered.

They spent several days with the family of the farmer at the countryside.

The son was enjoying the scenery and fresh breeze of the country side.

And then they decided to return home.

On their return the father asked the son if he liked the trip
“oh it was great father” -the boy replied.

Did you notice how poor people live?

“Yes i did”said the boy

The father asked his son to tell in more details about his impressions from their trip.

“Well we have only one dog and they have four of them, In our garden there is a pool while they have a river that has no end.”

“We’ve got expensive lanterns but they have the stars above their heads at night”

“We have the balcony and they have the whole horizon”

“We have only a small piece of land while they have the endless fields, We buy food but they grow it.”

“We have a high fence for protection of our property and they don’t need it as their friends protect them”

The father was stunned by the answer of the boy.

He couldn’t utter a word.

Then the boy added, “Thank You Father For Letting Me See How Poor We Are!”

Moral Of The Story:

You see in life, True wealth and happiness is not measured by materialistic things.

Love, Friendship and Freedom are far more valuable than being wealthy.

Having someone to share your happiness and sadness is far more important than having a sports car to travel.

If you are truly rich you possess love, you possess friendship and you are free instead of locking yourself into your small island of possessions.

You should open up to the world that way you will be the richest man alive because the whole world belongs to you

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Being Happy and satisfied is far more important than being wealthy and rich. Having a friend in your highs and lows is more important than having a big house to live in.

Because This is where the real wealth lies.

The Happiness you get when you are with your loved ones.

The Strength you get when someone has your back in times of difficulties.

And The comfort you feel when you have someone to share your happiness and sorrows with someone.
These things are far more important than being rich and wealthy.

That’s it for today!

Hope you liked this Richest Boy In The World Story.

See you again in another blog post :-).



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