WhistlinDiesel is a popular YouTube content creator From the United States, Whose real name is believed to be Cody Detwiler.

As of 2022, WhistlinDiesel Net Worth is currently more than $3 Million Dollars.

Who Is WhistlinDiesel?

WhistlinDiesel is a popular YouTube content creator From the United States, Whose real name is believed to be Cody Detwiler.

He is one of the most successful YouTube content creators With 3.3 milllion subscribers as of January 2022.

His Channel is growing very fast due to his potentially viral content which racks his millions of views.

His content is mainly related to the motor vehicles where he makes videos on trucks, bulldozers, farm equipment, Trying out new vehicles, Cars and most importantly destroying Vehicles in numerous ways, and modifying vehicles as you have never imagined.

His video titled “Fourwheeler on REAPER WHEELS Literally Tills Dirt” posted a year ago went viral and racked 14million views as of today.

WhistlinDiesel Net Worth

Many people have their doubts on how he actually makes money to buy those expensive vehicles just for the sake of destroying them.

Actually, he gets a ton of money from his YouTube channel which is his main income source for buying those expensive vehicles.

He claims that he never posts videos for clickbait and deceiving people on YouTube, This statement has captured the interest of people online tremendously.

WhistlinDiesel Net Worth 2022.

Net Worth (2022):$3 million
Date Of Birth:July 18, 1998
Age (2022):23 years
Real Name:Cody Detwiler
Place of birth:Indiana, USA.
Marital Status:Married
Wife:Mrs WhistlinDiesel
Height:5 feet 5 Inches.
Weight:117 lb (or) 53Kgs

As of 2022, WhistlinDiesel Net Worth is currently more than $3 Million Dollars. WhistlinDiesel’s Main income source is his YouTube channel which has 3.3 million subscribers as of January 2022, which is increasing very fast due to his Non-ClickBait Viral Content which attracts viewers’ attention.

He has 201 videos posted currently into his account on YouTube and these videos have received more than 495 million views as of the time writing this.

He gets these many views mainly due to the non-click-bait content he makes. He has many videos on his YouTube channel where he buys brand new expressive cars and some other vehicles just to destroy them. Some of the vehicles he destroyed are more than $100k dollars.

No doubt that this type of content grabs people’s attention as they are quite unique and not the typical kind of videos other YouTubers make.

WhistlinDiesel Net Worth is Not an accurate Number As There is not any official disclosure of it. WhistlinDiesel Net Worth mentioned above is collected from various authentic sources. If you think that the above information is incorrect Then please let us know the correct details in the comments below.

Who Is Cody Detwiler?

Before becoming famous on YouTube WhistlinDiesel is called as Cody Detwiler.

Yes! WhistlinDiesel Real Name is Cody Detwiler.

Cody Detwiler was just a normal person whose family has construction and automobile business background.

This gave cody opportunity to drive and have a sound knowledge about trucks and other automobiles, which sparked him interest In automobiles.

But his interest turned out to be different.

Cody Detwiler buys expensive trucks and cars as any car enthusiasts do, But instead of taking care of them and using the vehicle, He destroys them.

Due this Uncommon interest of him Cody Detwiler became very famous on youtube and facebook as WhistlinDiesel.

Cody had got many bad comments for his destructive nature, But that bad comments motivates him to Destroy even more.

Love Him or Hate Him Cody Detwiler is doing great on YouTube as his subscribers are growing very fast with millions of Views on every video that he posts.

WhistlinDiesel Facebook:

He also has more than a million likes on his Facebook page where he posts the same videos.

These videos get him millions of views and potentially earns him a good amount of money as Facebook pays money for videos posted on Facebook.


According to popular sources, A YouTuber earns around $3 – $7 per Thousand views or somewhere around 18$ for Thousand ad views on YouTube. Long videos have the potential to run multiple ads.

He actually does run multiple ads on his videos most of them are more than 10minutes long.

Normally YouTubers get $0.018 per ad view but popular channels get more than that as advertisers target large YouTube channels to increase their conversion rate.

To keep it fair let’s consider the average of $0.018 dollars per ad view.

Even with this average Of $0.018 dollars per ad view, he gets more than 700k dollars per every 40million views (he is getting more monthly views now) he gets.

With that sort of income his earnings skyrockets to more than 7 million per year, This makes WhistlinDiesel gross Net Worth to $3 million dollars approx. Because every video he makes costs him thousands of dollars.

However, the actual WhistlinDiesel Net Worth Is still not revealed by him.

(This is just a calculated net worth based on his channel views and the information from trusted sources. However, the real net worth may be even higher than the amount listed here.)

WhistlinDiesel Wife (Mrs WhistlinDiesel):

Mrs. WhistlinDiesel

WhistlinDiesel’s Wife is popularly known as Mrs WhistlinDiesel by all her social media accounts.

As She has not disclosed her real name, And it still remains a mystery.

It is been said that she is married to WhistlinDiesel at the young age of 18 years.

She often appears in her husband’s YouTube videos and it does seem like she has the same enthusiasm for trucks and cars as her husband.

She also has a YouTube Channel named Mrs WhistlinDiesel which has over 116k subscribers as of today on January 2022, where she posts automobile-related videos.

One might actually think she does not approve of her husband destroying expensive vehicles but to the surprise she actually does.

She herself has been featured in her husband’s YouTube video destroying a $100k car with a crowbar which later got deleted.

She has a Ford-F-250 which she totally loves and has made a lot of YouTube videos and Instagram posts on it.

She is also on Instagram with over 345k followers.

Mrs WhistlinDiesel OnlyFans:

Mrs WhistlinDiesel OnlyFans account has been Recently Opened which got very popular within a few hours.

Mrs WhistlinDiesel Only Fans Account currently has 9 Pictures posted of her.

It got so popular that she earned $245k dollars in just 5 Hours of opening her account on Only Fans which is stated by WhistlinDiesel himself in an Instagram comment on his Instagram post.

It is estimated that Mrs WhistlinDiesel Only Fans Account has earned her more than $500k dollars which is priced at $20 per subscription and has more than 20 Thousand subscriptions.

WhistlinDiesel HomeTown:

WhistlinDiesel was born in rural areas of Indiana in the United States Of America.

He learned a lot about farming, Trucks, and Automobiles as his family had an automobile business and construction business.

WhistlinDiesel still lives in Indiana.

He makes a living by producing content on automobiles and sells his own merchandise.

Most Viral Videos Of WhistlinDiesel:

WhistlinDiesel started his YouTube channel in 2015 but started posting regularly only after three years of starting the YouTube channel.

WhistlinDiesel started posting after he graduated from high school.

The video which got him a lot of attention was “Fourwheeler on REAPER wheels literally tills dirt”.

WhistlinDiesel Net Worth

In this video, he is seen performing a dangerous operation where he attaches sharp pointing dangerous Reaper where to a normal Four Wheeler vehicle and turned it into a super tiller.

This video caught the attention of millions of people on YouTube and went viral.

Many people have even praised the creativity of WhistlinDiesel.

Another video that went viral was a video titled “Monstermax drives in the ocean (Police, Coast Guard, EPA, and DNR called)”.

In this video, He attempts the Risky act of driving a huge monster truck where there were Police, Coast Guards, and other boats.

WhistlinDiesel Net Worth

Some were really amazed after seeing the video of him performing this dangerous risky task. While some were really angry at him for performing these kinds of acts recklessly.

WhistlinDiesel went viral for another video where he had a near-death experience of him getting shot by a bullet to the forehead. He was seen testing a 50 Caliber long-arm rifle to check whether its bullets would pass through the steel plates.

He shot the plates from a 4 feet distance but Due to the shooting of the bullet at a wrong angle the bullet deflected after hitting the plate and grazed his forehead just missing the center of his head.

Luckily there was no big damage to his skull.

WhistlinDiesel Scandals:

There is no doubt that a guy who is famous and has millions of fans also have haters along the way.

His videos get a mixed reaction, Some are amazed by his creativity and bravery to take up dangerous challenges where some of them could risk his life. While some others call him reckless and bash him online for wasting trucks and money.

WhistlinDiesel uploaded a video on his channel in which he destroyed his Ford-F-350 limited edition.

WhistlinDiesel Net Worth

This video led to a lot of hate and dissatisfaction among people. There were many articles published calling reckless and mad.

It also led to discussions on Reddit where there were many nasty opinions about him.

He also had some conflicts with an automobile YouTuber “The Stradman”, where he commented conflicting comments on The Stradman’s posts.

WhistlinDiesel Diesel was also involved in an incident that went extreme and involved police where he held an unauthorized Truck Rally in Fort Wayne.

The Fort Wayne Police Have Also Stated that it took them more than 3 hours of time to clear the traffic on road.

Some people had to join the hospital due to the smoke caused by thousands of trucks at the rally.

WhistlinDiesel’s Merchandise:

Apart from being a successful YouTuber WhistlinDiesel also has his own merchandise he sells online.

His merchandise includes a lot of clothes and accessories from T-shirts, Hats, and hoodies to car bumper stickers.

One of the bizarre things in his merchandise is a T-shirt which costs $1000.

This T-shirt is just a normal T-shirt with the line “This Shirt Costs One Thousand Dollars” Written On It with white letters.

His merchandise also includes a few Mrs WhistlinDiesel T-Shirts Now.

My Overall Opinion on WhistlinDiesel:

On an Overall basis, WhistlinDiesel Seems like a very Unique character with bravery and his readiness to take dangerous challenges which could even take his life. His Fans also state that he doesn’t have a bit of fear in him.

The majority of the people like him for his unique content while some other hate him for the fact he destroys expensive vehicles which are dream vehicles to many people.

WhistlinDiesel is very young in age and he does seem to have a lot of knowledge about trucks and other automobiles.

While many of us save a lot of money to buy a good car or a truck and invest our time, taking good care of it, He does this a little Differently, He Buys The Trucks To Destroy Them.

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Common FAQ’s About WhistlinDiesel.

  • How Much Is WhistlinDiesel Net Worth?

As of 2022, WhistlinDiesel Net Worth is $3 Million Dollars (Approx).

  • How Much Is the WhistlinDiesel Wife Net Worth?

WhistlinDiesel Wife Net Worth is Estimated to be around $1 Million Dollars.

  • What is WhistlinDiesel Home Town?

Whistlin Diesel Home Town Is Indiana.


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