Have you ever felt like you wanted to give up because things are not going at your expected pace?

Have you ever felt like leaving what you are doing because you see no growth?

Have you ever felt like ending all of it because of failures you have experienced in your path.

Well, whenever you feel low, depressed and overwhelmed with negative emotions because of the ups and downs that inevitably come in life.

Whenever you feel like you want to quit!

Whenever you are just not able to see a reason to continue living.

Do yourself of a simple yet profound anology.

It’s been one of my favourite inspirational story for the very first time I heard it.

And I can say for sure that it will be yours favourite too by the end of this story!

An Inspirational Story To Never Give Up :-

A man planted fern and bamboo seeds and cared for them really well.

He made sure that they both got adequate light and water.

The man was delighted to see the fern quickly spring out from the earth and grow really fast,Covering it’s entire surrounding with it’s bright green colour.

But he was disappointed when he saw nothing come out from the bamboo seed.

But the man did not give up on the bamboo.

In the second year he saw that the growth of the fern was luxuriant,vibrant and abundant.

And the bamboo seed?

Nothing came out still!

But the man continued Caring for the bamboo and did not give up on it.

In the third year there was still nothing from the bamboo seed and the man still did not give up.

In the fourth year once again,he saw nothing come from the bamboo seed.

But the man persevered and still would not give up.

It was in the fifth year.

That the man saw a tiny sprout emerge from the earth.

The bamboo sprout was tiny and insignificant compared to the fern.

But in just 6 months from then, the bamboo shoot down to over 100 feet tall.

Inspirational story from bamboo and fern


The man realised that the bamboo had spend those five years growing it’s roots.

It was those roots that made it strong and gave it all what it needed to survive, thrive and grow.

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Isn’t it true that life doesn’t not give anyone a challenge that they cannot handle!

If there’s a challenge that you are facing at the moment! Know for sure that you have the capacity to handle it.

Everyone should know that nothing is impossible for us if we are persistent and committed towards the work we do.

Slowly but surely we will succeed in it.

Were you aware that all the time you spent dealing with your challenges and struggles, you have actually been growing the roots?

Just as the man did not give up on the bamboo.

Don’t give up on YOURSELF!


Don’t compare yourself with others.

The bamboo and the fern are so different.Yet, both make forests beautiful.

Each one serving a different purpose.


Your time will come.

You will shoot up and rise high as well.

Go as high as you can.

As high as YOUR POTENTIAL! Not someone else’s potential.

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Be patient and keep working on your self and one day,

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YOU WILL SHOOT UP! Like the bamboo tree.

Remember, that london is 5 hours ahead of New York but that doesn’t mean that New York is slow or london fast.

Everything in life happens at the right time.

Be patient and the right time will come for you as well!

Don’t hurry and don’t worry.

You are neither early nor you are too late!

You Are Just On Time!



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