When it comes to productivity, Everyone wants to be more productive and complete their works on time.

And Every Time they fail to do so because of the wrong approach.

Okay, Then What is the right approach, How To Be More Productive?

I’ve got you covered, This method is very much effective that you will never ask “How To Be More Productive?” Again.

And this method is called the 80/20 rule.

Let’s see in detail what this 80/20 rule is,

80/20 Rule Or Pareto’s Principle:

The 80/20 Rule Or Pareto's Principle
80/20 Rule.

About 20% of a carpet gets 80% of the wear.

About 20% of beer drinkers drink 80% of the beer in the world.

About 20% of a company’s customers account for 80% of the complaints.

About 20% of the people have. 80% of the wealth.

This principle shows up over and over again in almost every field and is called the 80/20rule or the Pareto principle.

The ratios might vary from one example to another, but try to focus on a deeper meaning of the principle.

The majority of the effects come from the minority of the causes.

So let’s take a look at how this works in business, Social interactions, and Relationships…

Here’s how it works in business…

80/20 Rule In Business:

A few months ago, I had built a website and was getting my visitors from social media, like Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, and other social media and forums.

In fact, this took so much time that I was unable to write as many articles as I wanted to.

So I decided I was going to make the process more efficient.

I looked into my data and guess what I found?

For every 1000 visitors I got from Reddit, I got only about 60 from Pinterest, 20 from Twitter, and a few more 20s from other forums and social media.

I thought I’m an idiot, I’m spending the same amount of time on all these platforms yet look at the results.

So I basically completely cut out the ones with the least effect, and it freed up so much time for me to write actual articles like these that people were interested in.

And that made a huge difference in how my website performed.

Now let’s take a look at social interactions…

80/20 Rule In Social Interactions:

In college, I dedicated roughly the same amount of time to the top ten people I hung out with.

But I realized that the majority of the value and happiness brought into my life only came from two or three of those people.

So I thought, “I’m an idiot. What am I doing?”.

I decided to dedicate my time to the two or three of those people, and that freed up so much time for me to Read, Write and really develop myself.

Let’s look at relationships…

80/20 Rule In Relationships:

A boyfriend or a husband comes home from work.

After five hours of spending time with her girlfriend or wife, she complains, “You don’t spend any time with me!”.

The guy has no idea what is going on.

He just spent five hours with this woman. But did he really?

In those five hours even though he talked to her and was physical with her, his focus was also on watching TV half of the time and the rest, checking his Facebook and his phone.

Another guy could have worked longer hours, come home and only spent an hour, literally a single hour, with her and she would never complain because he would make that one hour all about her.

And that is the 80/20 principle applied to business, social interactions, and relationships.

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As a final thought, ironically what I have done with my Blog Posts follows the 80/20 principle as well.

I have shared about 80% or even more of the value found in the book, In 20% or even less time.

Look into your daily activities and see which activities really matter and which are just eating up your time.

Stop doing the activities that just while away your time and focus on the 20% of activities that really matter.

I hope you like and follow this 80/20 Rule to increase your productivity drastically.

Will you follow the 80/20 Rule? Tell Me In The Comments Below.


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