Forrest Kolb is an actor, known for A Night at the Silent Cinema (2012). He has been married to Patricia Manterola since December 12, 2010.

As of 2024, Forrest Kolb Net Worth is $3.4 Million Dollars (Approx).

Forrest Kolb Wikipedia.

Forrest Kolb is an actor, known for A Night at the Silent Cinema (2012). He has been married to Patricia Manterola since December 12, 2010. They have three children.

Also, he is the founder of the home decor company, Freshome.

Patricia Manterola Forrest Kolb

Patricia Manterola is a Mexican singer and actress born in Mexico City.
Patricia Manterola Carrion was born to Jorge Manterola and Maria Dolores Carrion, the second of three children. Her brother Jorge is 11 months older and her younger sister Michelle, who has the same birth date as Patricia, is eight years younger.

Paty – as she is also called – attended elementary school at “Colegio Miguel Angel” and “Franco-Espanol”. In middle school, she attended “Colegio Oxford” in Cuernavaca, where she lived with her extended family for a while. In high school, she attended the “Tecnológico de Monterey” in Cuernavaca and graduated in Mexico City at the “Colegio Miguel Angel”.

Forrest Kolb, Soon after earning his bachelor’s degree, began his career as an entrepreneur, co-founding Ecoflip with his business partner Joe Paone. The company is a solar company that installs solar panels in homes and buildings.

In 2013, he also worked as a sales manager for the company Graphiq Inc. He was also involved in the book campaign The Secret as a community manager. At that time, he was responsible for managing the books’ followers, apps, and digital products.

He then founded Love Angeles magazine, which specializes in spiritual wellness and positive news. He later developed the website Expertise.

He is currently a director at home furnishings company Freshome and a global marketing director at Prime Time US.

He also made an appearance in the movie A Night at Silent Movie Theater as a party goer. He is frequently featured in various magazines as a model, along with his wife Patricia.

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Forrest Kolb Net Worth.

As of 2024, Forrest Kolb Net Worth is $3.4 Million Dollars (Approx).

Forrest Kolb’s financial portfolio is quite diverse, comprising multiple streams of income that collectively contribute to the formation of his substantial fortune.

Determining the exact figure for Forrest Kolb Net Worth poses a bit of a challenge as there hasn’t been an official disclosure. The Net Worth attributed to Forrest Kolb is a compilation derived from a variety of reliable sources, ensuring a well-rounded perspective. However, it’s crucial to note that this is an estimation, and the actual figure might differ.

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Patricia Manterola Forrest Kolb.

Forrest Kolb is Married to the Mexican Singer Patricia Manterola on December 12, 2010, in Xcaret on the Mayan Riviera, Mexico. They were married in a small private wedding with 200 guests and she was dressed by her close friend, Nicolas Felizola.

Forrest Kolb Children.

Forrest Kolb Children

Forrest Kolb Had 3 Children With Patricia Manterola.

Forrest Kolb Children Are Lucca Leo Kolb, Alesso Kolb, Matteo Kolb.

Forrest Kolb Parents.

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Forrest Kolb Age.

Forrest Kolb was born on 20 July 1983 in California, United States.

As of 2024, Forrest Kolb Age is 41 Years.

Forrest Kolb Height.

There Is not much information about Forrest Kolb Height from Trusted Sources. Once we get more information about Forrest Kolb, we will update this page with the correct information.

Forrest Kolb Weight.

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Forrest Kolb Nationality.

Forrest Kolb Nationality is American Nationality.

Forrest Kolb Ethnicity.

Forrest Kolb Ethnicity is American Ethnicity.

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Forrest Kolb Instagram.

Forrest Kolb Instagram Handle is @forrestkolb. As of this writing, Forrest Kolb Instagram Handle has over 26.9k Followers.

He is Very Active on Instagram And Other Social Media Handles.

General Trivia About Forrest Kolb.

Forrest Kolb

  • Between 2013 and 2014, he was a sales manager at Graphiq Inc.
  • Half Persian on his father’s side.
  • He likes astronomy, playing guitar, sports like surfing and hiking.
  • He married Patricia Manterola at the Chapel of Guadalupe in the Xcaret Ecopark in Quintana Roo, Mexico. [December 2010]
  • He starred in the music video Gracias with his wife Patricia Manterola, directed by Chris Isaak.
  • Became a father for the 2nd and 3rd time at the age of 29 with his wife Patricia Manterola to twins named Matteo Kolb & Alesso Kolb on July 7, 2013.
  • He founded Ecoflip, Love Angeles magazine and Expertise website with Joe Paone.
  • He participated in the sales campaign of the book The Secret, for which he was the community manager of the follower community, apps and other digital products of the book series.
  • Besides acting, he is also a bio-engineer, model and producer.
  • He is studying bioengineering at the University of California, San Diego.
  • He has experience in administration, computing, scientific research, and blogging.
  • Became a father for the first time at the age of 28 with his wife Patricia Manterola on February 18, 2012, to a child named Lucca Leo Kolb.
  • Second husband of Patricia Manterola.
  • He met Patricia Manterola in a hotel lobby in Los Angeles. She sent him a song in which she sang.
  • He is 11 years younger than his wife Patricia Manterola.

Reference: IMDB

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Common FAQ About Forrest Kolb.

  • How Much Is the Forrest Kolb Net Worth?

As of 2024, Forrest Kolb Net Worth is $3.4 Million Dollars (Approx).

  • How Much Is the Forrest Kolb Salary?

Forrest Kolb Salary is not disclosed.

  • What is Forrest Kolb Age?

As of 2024, Forrest Kolb Age is 41 Years.

  • What Is Forrest Kolb Date Of Birth?

Forrest Kolb was born on 20 July 1983 in California, United States.

  • What Is Forrest Kolb Wife Name?

Forrest Kolb Wife Name is Patricia Manterola.

  • What are Forrest Kolb Children Names?

Forrest Kolb Children Are Lucca Leo Kolb, Alesso Kolb, Matteo Kolb.

  • What Is Forrest Kolb Height?

Forrest Kolb Height is not Disclosed.

  • What Is Forrest Kolb Weight?

Forrest Kolb Weight Is Not Disclosed.

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