As of 2022, Brandon Fugal Net Worth is $475 Million.

Brandon Fugal is an American entrepreneur, tech investor and venture capitalist.

He is the chairman of Utah-based real estate company Colliers International. Brandon also owns the real estate in Utah, Skinwalker Ranch.

Who Is Brandon Fugal?

Brandon Fugal Net Worth

Brandon Fugal is an American entrepreneur, tech investor and venture capitalist.

He is the chairman of Utah-based real estate company Colliers International. Brandon also owns the real estate in Utah, Skinwalker Ranch.

He is also known for appearing on the History Channel’s reality series “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch“. Brandon Fugal Net Worth is currently under review.

However, we estimate it to be $475 Million Dollars.

Brandon Fugal Net Worth.

Net Worth$475 Million Dollars
NameBrandon Fugal
Real NameBrandon Fugal
Date Of BirthApril 1,1973
Age49 Years
Place Of BirthAmerica
Nationality American
Marital StatusMarried
GirlfriendLacey Anne Fugal
Height5 Feet 9 Inches
Weight150 lbs

As of 2022, Brandon Fugal Net Worth is $475 Million.

He earned This Fortune From The Real Estate, Investments, and his appearances on History Channel.

He has built a number of massive real estate projects.

Brandon has accomplished some large projects that he has put up for sale such as Embassy Suites /Convention Center worth $100 million, Cottonwood Corporate Center worth $100 million, Banyan Building worth $2.2 million and Rare Downtown Development Parcels worth $10 million.

Some sources have claimed that he has made over $6 billion from real estate transactions alone.

Brandon Fugal Net Worth is Not an accurate Number As There is not any official disclosure of it. Brandon Fugal Net Worth mentioned above is collected from various authentic sources.

If you think that the above information is incorrect Then please let us know the correct details in the comments below.

Brandon Fugal Early Life.

Brandon Fugal was born in the United States on April 1, 1973. He grew up with 3 brothers in a middle-class family.

Two of his brothers, Cameron and Matthew, even made appearances on the mystery reality series TV, The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. They are also responsible for running the company Aero Dynamics Jets.

Brandon graduated from Pleasant Grove High School. He had a dream from the beginning to pursue a career as a real estate developer. He even obtained a real estate license at the young age of 18.

Brandon Fugal Career.

Brandon Fugal Net Worth

After obtaining his real estate licence, he began working in corporate real estate. He had previously worked as a senior associate at the firm of Grubb & Ellis/ Wallace Associates.

In 2016, he bought the 512-acre property Skinwalker Ranch from billionaire Robert Bigelow for $1 billion. He made a secret deal with Robert that no one would know about the new owner. However, Fugal came out as the true owner of the massive property in March 2020 when the reality show titled “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch” was filmed.

Fugal also gained experience in the real estate world by working as a Vice President at “Utah Realty Group”. In 1998, he worked on his business idea and co-founded a commercial real estate company, Coldwell Banker Commercial (CBC). In 2018, CBC merged with Colliers International, and Fugal remains as Chairman of the company.

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He held many titles over the years, including Vice President Utah Realty Group, founder of Ascend, Cypher Corporation and founder of Coldwell Banker Commercial, which merged with his next company, Colliers International, of which he is still chairman.

Brandon’s efforts have resulted in Colliers International being highly ranked in real estate. It is widely regarded as one of the most important and respected firms in America, and Brandon has attracted high profile clients such as The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, Charles Schwab & Co, Inc. Workers Compensation Fund and Novell Inc.

Brandon had made his Salt Lake City-based Coldwell office #1 among 220 offices worldwide. After the merger, he made Colliers the No. 1 commercial real estate firm in Intermountain West. To date, he has worked with major clients such as Charles Schwab & Co, Inc, Novell Inc, The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, and the Workers Compensation Fund.

In the reality series, the team of experts conducts exhaustive investigations on the Skinwalker Ranch property, which is also known for its paranormal activities and UFO sightings. Brandon also had a keen interest in starting tech companies. In fact, he has founded many tech companies which include Ascend, Zenerchi and Cypher Corporation.

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Brandon Fugal Wife.

Brandon Fugal Wife

Brandon Fugal Wife Name Is Lacey Anne Fugal. He has four children together with her.

The couple celebrated their silver wedding anniversary in 2019. He seems to be living a splendid life with his wife at present.

Brandon Fugal Age.

Brandon Fugal was born on the 1st of April,1973.

As of 2022, Brandon Fugal Age is 49 Years.

Brandon Fugal Height, Weight.

Brandon Fugal Height Is 5 Feet 9 Inches.

And His Weight is 150 pounds or 68 Kgs.

Brandon Fugal Nationality.

Brandon Fugal Nationality is American Nationality.

Brandon Fugal Ethnicity.

Brandon Fugal Ethnicity is American Ethnicity.

Brandon Fugal Instagram.

Brandon Fugal Instagram Handle is @Brandon Fugal. As of this writing, Brandon Fugal Instagram Handle has over 1.6 Million Followers.

He is Very Active on Instagram And Other Social Media Handles.


As per our records, Brandon Fugal does not have an Instagram handle or any other Social Media Profiles as He loves to be private.

He is not on Instagram And Other Social Media Handles Officially.

Common FAQ’s About Brandon Fugal.

  • Did Brandon Fugal get married?

Brandon Fugal is Married And His Wife Name is Lacey Anne Fugal.

  • How old is Brandon fugal?

As of 2022, Brandon Fugal Age Is 49 Years Old.

  • is Brandon Fugal a millionaire?

Yes, Brandon Fugal Is a Millionaire.

  • What is Brandon Fugal Net Worth?

As of 2022, Brandon Fugal Net Worth is $475 Million Dollars(Approx). 

  • How many Members are in Brandon Fugal Family?

Brandon Fugal Family Consists of Him, His Wife And His 4 Children.

  • What is the Zodiac Sign of Brandon Fugal ?

Brandon Fugal  Zodiac Sign Is Aries.

  • What Is Brandon Fugal Son Name?

Brandon Fugal Son Name Is Not Disclosed.

  • What Is Brandon Fugal Daughter Name?

Brandon Fugal Daughter Name Is Not Disclosed.

  • What Is Brandon Fugal Nationality?

Brandon Fugal Nationality Is American Nationality.

  • What Is Brandon Fugal Ethnicity?

Brandon Fugal Ethnicity Is American Ethnicity.

  • What Is Brandon Fugal Height?

Brandon Fugal Height Is 5 feet 9 Inches.

  • What Is Brandon Fugal Weight?

Brandon Fugal Weight Is 150 lbs or 68 Kgs.


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