We all underestimate the true power of ourselves without realising our true potential.

Don’t we?

Everyone of us do this!

Our true potential always lies within ourselves. All it takes is a moment of self realization.

This short Inspirational story makes you realise to know who you really are.

With that being said, Let’s get started.

A Short Inspirational Story:

A short Inspirational story

One day a tigress died while giving birth to a cub.

At that time a herd of goats were passing by and so the cub was brought up by the goats.

Of course the tiger believed himself to be a goat.

Also it was simple and natural that he had been brought up by the goats and lived with the goats.

He believed that he was a goat.

He remained a vegetarian eating and chewing grass.

He had no conception of what a tiger was not even in his dreams could he dream that he was a tiger.

Then one day it happened that an old tiger came across this herd of goats and that old tiger could not believe his eyes.

A young tiger was walking amidst the goats neither were the goats afraid of the tiger nor were they aware that the tiger was walking amongst them.

The tiger was also walking like a goat.

The old tiger somehow got hold of the young tiger although it was difficult to catch him.

He escaped more than once, he tried, he cried, he screamed, he was afraid and he was shivering with fear.

All the goats escaped and he was also trying to escape with them but the old Tiger got hold of him and pulled him towards the lake.

He resisted just the way we try to resist facing our own self, Our very being.

He tried his best not to go.

He was scared to death crying weeping but the old tiger wouldn’t allow him.

He pulled him and took him to the lake.

The lake was silent like a mirror.

He forced the young tiger to look into the water and the young tiger saw with tearful eyes that he looked just like the old Tiger and then,
the tears disappeared and a new sense of being arose.

The goats started disappearing from the mind.

He was no more a goat and he could not believe his own enlightenment.

Still the body was shivering a little he was afraid and he was thinking maybe I am imagining how can a goat turn so suddenly into a tiger.

It is not possible.

It has never happened.

It never happens that way.

He couldn’t believe his own eyes, but now the first spark, the first ray of light had entered into his being.

He was no more the same and he would never be the same.

Again the old tiger took him to his cave.

Now, he was not so resistant, not so reluctant, not so afraid.

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More and more he was getting bold, gathering courage!

He started walking like a tiger.

As he went to the cave the old tiger gave him some meat to eat.

It is difficult for a vegetarian almost impossible but the old tiger wouldn’t listen.

When the nose of the young tiger came near the meat, Something happened from the smell of the

Something deep in his being which has been fast asleep was awakened.

He was pulled, attracted towards the meat and he

started eating.

Once he tasted the meat, A roar burst through his being.

The goat disappeared in that roar, and the tiger was there in his beauty and splendor.

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Everyone of us have a huge potential within ourselves. All we have to do is to realise this and make use of it in the right way.

Due to the circumstances we grow up, the true self of ours is burried deep down inside of us.

We have to overcome those circumstances and unleash our true potential.

As this is who we really are!

I hope you all loved this short Inspirational story to know who you really are.

With that being said, This is it for today.

See you again in the next blog post.



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