Everyone has one common problem in everyone’s life.


Laziness is the main cause of many Problems,We procrastinate our in order to be comfortable at that moment and lag behind in our life.

This is a Short Inspirational Story On Laziness which helps you overcome laziness by changing your perception

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A Short Inspirational Story On Laziness:

A Short Inspirational Story On Laziness

One day while the Buddha was preaching his doctrine for the conversion of the world in the neighborhood of savatthi.

A man of great wealth who suffered from many ailments came to him with clasped hands and said “Oh Lord Buddha pardon me for my want of respect and not saluting you as I ought to but I suffer greatly from obesity excessive drowsiness and other complaints so that I cannot move without pain.

The buddha seeing the luxuries with which the man was surrounded.

Asked him ” Have you a desire to know the cause of your ailments”.

And when the wealthy man expressed his willingness to learn,Buddha said “There are five things which produce the condition of which you complain, opulent dinners, love of sleep, hankering after pleasure, thoughtlessness and lack of occupation. Exercise self-control at your meals and take on yourself some duties that will exercise your abilities and make you useful to your fellow men.

In following this advice you will prolong your life.

The rich man remembered the words of the Buddha and after some time having recovered his lightness and youthfulness.

He returned to the world as a honored one.

And coming this time without horses and luxuries he said to him ” Master you have cured my bodily ailments I come now to seek enlightenment of the mind”.

And Buddha said the worldling nourishes his body, but the wise man nourishes his mind.

He who indulges in the satisfaction of his appetite works his own destruction.

But he who walks in the path will have both the salvation from evil and a prolongation of life.


In life if we only feed our belly and our desires what will become of us?.

If you sleep too much.

Walk around without any thoughts.

And just chase after pleasure without being of any use to your community or your fellow men.

What will you become?

if you are now just a small young root.

What kind of tree will you become

If you live this way always find the right and wrong, the right amount of sleep, nourishment and usefulness, enjoy life but also have an occupation and have a meaning in your life.

Set yourself some goals and always try to nourish your mind and grow in your mind so you can understand what happens in this universe.

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