We rush things in our life to get them quick, but fail to get the result.

We want everything at that very moment as quick as possible.

This is a Short Inspirational Story Of A Samurai who wanted to rush the things and learnt a lesson of his life.

So, Without any further delay.

Let’s get started.

Short Inspirational Story Of A Samurai:


Matajuro was the son of a famous swordsman.

His father believing that his son’s work was too mediocre to anticipate mastership disowned him.

So Matajuro went to mount futara and there found the famous swordsman Banzo.

But Banzo confirmed the father’s judgement.

“You wish to learn swordsmanship under my guidance” asked Banzo. But you cannot fulfil the requirements.

But if I work hard how many years will it take to become a master persisted Matajuro.

“The rest of your life” replied Bonzo.

“I cannot wait that long explained Matajuro.

“I am willing to pass through any hardship if only you will teach me, if I become your devoted servant how long might it take me to become a master”

“Oh maybe ten years” Banzo relented.

My father is getting old and soon I must take care of him continued matajuro.

If I work far more intensively how long would it take me to become a master.

“Oh maybe thirty years” said Bonzo.

“Why is that?” asked Matajuro. First you say ten and now thirty years. I will undergo any hardship to master this art in the shortest time.

“Well” said Banzo.

“In that case you will have to remain with me for seventy years, A man in such a hurry as you are to get results seldom learns quickly.

Very well, declared the youth.

Understanding at last that he was being rebuked for impatience.

I agree.

Matajuro was told never to speak of fencing and never to touch a sword.

He cooked for his master, washed the dishes, made his bed, cleaned the yard, cared for the garden all without a word of swordsmanship.

Three years passed still Matajuro laboured on thinking of his future.

He was sad. He had not even begun to learn the art to which he had devoted his life.

A Short Inspirational Story Of A Samurai

But one day banzo crept up behind him and gave him a terrific blow with a wooden sword.

The following day when Matajuro was cooking rice, Banzo again sprang upon him unexpectedly.

After that, day and night Matajuro had to defend himself from unexpected thrusts.

Not a moment passed in any day that he did not have to think of the taste of Banzos sword.

He learned so rapidly.

He brought smiles to the face of his master.

Matajuro became the greatest swordsman in the land.


In life, if you want something too eagerly, If you anticipate the end results too much,you cannot learn that well.

Because, your journey has been blocked by constantly thinking about the future.

What Matajuro learned from his master is to find beauty in each movement, In each flow, In each action that one requires to become a great swordsman.

Matajuro finally found beauty in each and every second of being a swordsman in your life.

You need to find the beauty in every moment whether it is making your bed, cleaning, cooking, doing the dishes or just hard labor live in each moment completely.

That way you will learn and take with you from every moment for the rest of your life.

This is it for today.

I hope you love this Short Inspirational Story Of A Samurai.

See you again in another blog post.

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