We all in our day to day have experienced karma or at least heard about it.

But, have you ever thought what is karma? And what does the law of karma even mean! And how does the karma work?.

Karma is not just being punished for the bad things we have done.

We can have positive karma as well, Karma is a part of who we are! And the intentions we have, And it influences everything!

Today, we will read a short Inspirational story on the law of karma in real life and how it plays its game.

Which will plant a hope of positivity in your beautiful heart❤.

I’m really excited to share this with you. So, without any delay let’s get into the story 🙂.

Story On The Law Of Karma:

One day there was a poor boy who was selling goods from door to door to pay his daily needs

On the way to his school, he found that he had only one thin dime left in his pocket and he was very hungry.

He was wondering how to satisfy his hunger.

He decided that he would ask for something to eat at the very next house where he has stood at.

He started walking towards the house very slowly and was wondering whether to ask or back off.

Lost in his thoughts he reached the door of the house.

He gathered his courage and rang the doorbell and stood there hoping someone would give him something to eat.

A million thoughts were running in his mind, “what if they scold me?”, “What if they deny to give me something to eat?”.

While he was lost in his thoughts a beautiful lady opened the door.

He lost his nerve to ask something.

Instead of asking for a meal, he asked for a glass of water.

The lady understood his situation and thought that he looked hungry.

So, She brought him a large glass of milk and handed it over to the boy.

The boy mumbled, “But I just asked for water!”

She said, “I can sense that you are very hungry please drink it”.

The boy drank it very slowly, gulp by gulp and finished it.

He then asked the lady “how much do I owe you?”.

She said, ” You don’t owe me anything!” She then continued “My mother had told us never to accept money for kindness”.

He felt very thankful to that young lady.

He not only felt stronger physically but his faith in humanity and God also got stronger.

The young boy thanked that young lady from the bottom of his heart and left the place.

Years passed by, And the young lady became old and that young woman became critically ill.

The local doctors gave up that they couldn’t treat her anymore as her condition is getting worse with the time passing by.

With every second passing by the lady is fighting her death.

Finally, as the last hope they sent her to a big city where they called in a specialist to study her rare disease.

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Dr.Jack Kelly was called in for the treatment of that lady. When he heard the name of the town she came from, A Strange light filled his eyes.

He got up immediately and went down the hall of the hospital and reached the room in which that lady was admitted.

He went into the room dressed in his doctor’s gown.

He went in to see her and he recognized her as the woman who has helped her years back.

Law of karma short inspirational story

He felt very sad to see her in that condition.

Dr.Jack Kelly went back to his room and determined to do his best to save her life.

From that day, he gave special attention to the lady’s case.

After a long struggle, he finally saved her life and got her health back to normal.

Dr Kelly requested the business office to pass the final bill to him for approval.

He looked at it and then wrote something on the edge of the note and sent it to her room.

She feared to open the bill as she was sure it would take rest of her life to pay it all.

Finally, she looked at the bill and something her attention at the side of the bill.

She read those words “Paid in full with one glass of milk signed Dr Jack kelly”.

Tears of joy flooded her eyes and she was so happy and she could not utter a word.

She thanked God that her kindness paid through.

She got the kindness back which she showed to the little boy years back.

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Isn’t it a great story of karma!

This is the law of karma what we give in we get it back. Maybe not immediately but maybe years later when you expect the least karma will come in and help you.

We have to treat every fellow human being with dignity and love.

We have to treat everyone the same way that we love to be treated by others.

We should not look down on people who are in lower standards than us.

We should treat everyone with love and respect.

You will surely get the same love and respect 10times more someday or the other.

This is the law of karma. It never fails to return what we give.

If you are feeling sad that you are being good to everyone but they are not being the nice to you.

Remember, Things change and you will be treated good as the same way you have treated others.

Good and bad times are a part of life, we have to endure the bad times to cherish the value of good times.

I’m sure that we all have something in our life where karma has played its game.

Comment down your experience to share with our community.

It gives a positive ray of hope to everyone who reads it :-).

With that being said, This is it for today.

See you again in the next blog post.

Peace ✌️.


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